Is Online Learning Right For You?

If you are considering taking online courses, please be aware that your need for accommodations may be different in online courses, versus on-campus courses. Examples may include the need for different accommodations related to understanding written instructions, use of technology to access online content, participating in online discussions, watching and listening to online videos, listening to online audio files, and use of remote proctoring. 

Before enrolling in an online course, students with disabilities should consider the following:

1) How well do I manage my time? Am I good at working independently?

2) Does my disability affect my ability to process and comprehend written information?

3) Will I need to utilize assistive technology to access and complete the course?

4) How comfortable am I with computers and technology? Will I need any additional technology or supplies for the class (such as a web cam)?

5) What am I expecting from the course with regard to interaction with the instructor or other students? What will be expected of me?

Some great references from our IT department are:

Note: Course syllabi, even for previous courses, are often available on My Cedar Crest (Current Students> Quick Links> Course Syllabi), so it is a good idea to look at the syllabus for a class in which you are interested. You can also contact the course instructor to ask questions about the format of the course, the assignments, any additional technology and supplies that might be necessary, etc.