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Tutoring and Support Services at Cedar Crest College

Tutoring is aimed at helping Cedar Crest students achieve academic success by becoming effective, independent learners. Tutoring is available for most 100 and 200 level courses, as well as some upper-level courses and writing. Most tutoring takes place in the Student Success Center in Cressman Library.

Tutoring for the Fall 2017 semester opens September 5th. 

Schedules for Walk-In Tutoring, Study Skills Tutoring, and the Writing Center are available for download below. 

Walk-In Tutoring

Walk-In Tutoring is available in the Student Success Center in Cressman Library for ACC, BUA, ECO, BIO, CHE, MAT, PSY, and SWK courses. Appointments are not necessary for walk-in tutoring; students may visit the Student Success Center whenever tutors are scheduled. 

Daily temporary schedule updates (e.g., when a tutor is out sick) will be posted to the Cedar Crest App Student Feed, and to the whiteboard in the tutoring area of the Student Success Center. 

If you need assistance with a course that is not listed on the walk-in schedules, please fill out a Tutor Request form. 

If you cannot attend walk-in hours due to a schedule conflict, please contact Kara Polhemus at

ACC, BUA, ECO Walk-In Tutoring Fall 2017 (.pdf, 41K)
BIO Walk-In Tutoring Schedule Fall 2017 UPDATED 10-23-17 (.pdf, 53K)
CHE Walk-In Schedule Fall 2017 UPDATED 10-19-17 (.pdf, 54K)
PSYCHOLOGY Fall 2017 UPDATED 10-18-17.pdf (.pdf, 52K)
SWK Walk-In Tutoring Schedule Fall 2017 (.pdf, 51K)
NUR Walk-In Tutoring Schedule Fall 2017 (.pdf, 35K)
MAT Walk-In Schedule UPDATED 11-16-17 (.pdf, 50K)
Professional Tutoring

Professional Tutoring for Chemistry and Mathematics courses is available with Kelcie Molchany ( 

Professional Math and Chemistry Tutoring (.docx, 12K)
The Writing Center
WRITING CENTER Fall 2017 UPDATED 9-29.pdf (.pdf, 50K)
Study Skills Tutoring
Study Skills Tutoring (.pdf, 52K)

Study Skills Tutoring is available to help students improve their overall academic skills, including taking notes, reading college-level materials, managing time effectively, preparing for quizzes and exams, and test-taking strategies. Appointments are available via WCOnline. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Peer tutors for other subjects can be requested by filling out the form below. If a tutor is available, they will contact you to set up a meeting time in the Student Success Center.

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We’d love to hear feedback on your tutoring experience!

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Study Skills Tutoring - Fall 2017 (.pdf, 50K)

Study Skills Tutoring is available by appointment in the Student Success Center. Study Skills Tutors work one-on-one with students to help them improve academic skills such as reading, note-taking, time management, test/exam/quiz prep, and test-taking strategies. 

To access the schedule, please click on the "Click Here For WCOnline" in the middle of the page. 

You may need to disable your browser's pop-up blocker by clicking on the small red x that appears in the right hand corner of your address bar. Select "Always allow pop-ups from MyCedarCrest," then click the WCOnline link again. 

Once you are in WCOnline, select "Study Skills - Fall 2017" from the drop down menu near the middle of the page. After arriving at the Study Skills Schedule, click on any white rectangle to schedule an appointment. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
The Writing Center is available to all Cedar Crest students, and can assist with papers and written assignments for any course or subject.

Writing tutors work one-on-one with students to help them improve their writing skills and learn how to navigate formatting manuals (APA, MLA, and Chicago). Online writing tutoring is also available on a limited basis.

Appointments for the Writing Center are made using WCOnline (First time users will need to register an account. Please disable your browser’s pop-up blocker by clicking the small red box that appears in the upper-right corner of your screen, then click the WCOnline link again). For online writing tutoring, select a tutor who has eTutoring appointments available, then follow the instructions for uploading your paper).

Click here for WCONLINE

The Writing Center is located in the Student Success Center in Cressman Library.

Rules and Policy

Please observe the following rules when you reserve and use a collaboration room:

  1. Reservation must be for room use by two or more persons.
  2. A valid student ID and completed online form is required to reserve a collaboration room. (go to: Room Reservation Form) This is the same place you can make an appointment with the Writing Center.
  3. Reservations can only be made by the ID holder, and the student must be present while the room is in use.
  4. One person from the group may make a single reservation for one of the rooms for up to 2 hours.
  5. Printed appointment confirmation must be posted on the door of the room.
  6. Please read our Small Collaboration Rooms Policy listed below. This applies to all study room users.


Statement of Policy & Text

Small collaboration rooms are dedicated for the use of small groups involved in studying, working on class projects and/or meeting about class projects. These rooms are available by reservation online. Small groups are considered from 2-6 people based on the size of each room.

Need for the Policy

The Student Success Center and Academic Services is committed to providing a space for students and to advising users of services and appropriate policies.

Requirements & Guidelines

  • The one to two hour reservations begin and end on the hour, e.g. from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. The reservation holder will have exclusive use of the reserved room at any time during the time reserved.
  • A valid confirmation email (printed in advance by the person reserving the space) must be displayed on the door of the reserved room.
  • Groups must leave rooms in clean condition.
  • Windows in rooms may not be covered at any time.

Success Center TV Instructions

  1. Display - Turn on display by pressing the “on” button on the control box
  2.  Connect Laptop – VGA or HDMI
    1. VGA – plug cable into VGA port on laptop. Plug sound lack into headphone port on laptop
  1. Press “VGA” on control box to display
    1. HDMI – plug either HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 cable into HDMI port on laptop
  1. Press either HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 (depending on which cable you used) on control box to display
  1. Volume – Use the volume knob to control the display volume
  2. Turn off display by pressing the “off” button on the control box

 Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in suspension of small collaboration room privileges.

Instructional Assistants (IAs)
Instructional Assistants (IAs) (.pdf, 28K)

Instructional Assistants are available for select Math, Biology, and Chemistry courses. IAs meet with students in classrooms throughout campus. Please see the schedule for the days, times, and room numbers. 

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Provide feedback on your IAs here:

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Smarthinking provides students 24/7 access to online tutoring resources. Subjects include math, chemistry, biology, physical science, business, accounting, Spanish, writing, and nursing.

If you are having trouble launching the site, please make sure that your pop-up blocker is not blocking the Smarthinking window.

Click here to connect to Smarthinking.