Registration for Spring 2021 begins Thursday, October 29, 2020.

Be sure to download and complete the Registration Ready Guide!

Registration dates are based on class standing, which is determined by completed/earned credits and does not include in-progress coursework. To determine your class standing, follow these directions.

All traditional sophomore and first-year students (54.5 completed credits or less) MUST meet with their advisor prior to registration in order to receive clearance to register online.

Download and complete the Registration Ready Guide, which will pace you through the steps to prepare for Spring 2021 registration.

First-Year Traditional Students Only: Use the CCC 101 Registration Ready Worksheet required for your College Life class.

Additional Semester Planning Templates can be found here.

Please use the links below to explore the courses that meet Liberal Arts curriculum requirements. Categories identified with an asterisk count as Writing 2 in addition to the noted LAC requirement.

* To fulfill the Ethics requirement, Traditional Students must complete a course designated ETH; SAGE students may complete a course designated ETH or SER.

Search by Academic Department Search by LAC Designation

Course Codes

Course codes indicate several details. Here's an example:

SPA 101 00 2

SPA indicates the discipline: Spanish
101 indicates the course number and level
00 indicates the section number (see chart)
2 indicates the course type (1=lab, 2=lecture, 3=recitation or other site)

Section Description
00-19 Day, 14 weeks, Open to All
20 Day, Hybrid, Accelerated Session I
25 Day, Hybrid, Accelerated Session II
26 Day, Online, 14 weeks
30 Day, Hybrid, 14 weeks
40 Evening, Hybrid, 7 weeks, Accelerated Session I, Open to All
41-45 Accelerated Session I, 2 days/week
46 Online, Accelerated, Restricted to SAGE
50 Evening, Hybrid, 7 weeks, Accelerated Session II, Open to All
51-55 Accelerated Session II, 2 days/week
56 Online, Accelerated, Restricted to SAGE
60 Evening, Hybrid, 14 weeks, Open to All
66-69 Online, 14 weeks, Restricted to SAGE
70-79 Evening, 14 weeks, Open to All
76 Online, 12 weeks, Restricted to SAGE
80-89 Evening, 14 weeks, Restricted to SAGE
90-93 Weekend, Accelerated, Open to All
94 Weekend/Hybrid Combination, Open to All
95-99 Weekend, Accelerated, Restricted to SAGE
Meeting Day Codes
M: Monday
T: Tuesday
W: Wednesday
R: Thursday
F: Friday
S: Saturday
U: Sunday
SU: Saturday & Sunday 
This report will allow you to view a list of your classes and what (if any) Liberal Arts Curriculum category they fall into. Please click below to view the report.

More questions? Contact your Academic Advisor or Academic Services (610-606-4628 or