Helpful billing information

Fall Tuition Due Date was July 28, 2021 


  • Are you thinking about enrolling in the EZ payment plan?  You will find information below to all your questions.
  • Need a loan to help cover your balance?  You will find information below on private educational loans (click the elmselect link), Federal Direct Plus loans (dependent students only), or Federal Direct Graduate Plus loans (Graduate students only).
  • Did you complete your loan confirmation?  Click on Loan Confirmations to the left. (All loan changes will take 5-7 days to be reflected on your invoice)
  • Does your employer do tuition reimbursement?  If so, you will need to complete the Employee Benefit Application and the Tuition Deferment form located on the left.
  • What is CASHNet?  CASHNet is where you will view your e-bill, make payments, and view your up to date activity details.  No separate login is needed.  Just click on CASHNet Online System to the left, then the go to CASHNet link.
  • Want to give someone access to view or pay your bill?  Go to CASHNet and click My Account, then under Payers, click Send a payer invitation.
  • Want to enroll in E-refund?  Go to CASHNet and click on My Account, then click sign up under Direct deposit refunds.