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The Leadership and Student Development Unit (OLSD), comprised of the offices of Career Planning, the Lutz Center for Community Service, and Student Activities, focuses on supporting student engagement and preparing students to lead and work in a globally diverse society. Collaborating across campus and in the Greater Lehigh Valley community, the OLSD unit develops extra- and co-curricular programs designed to broaden students’ educational and professional experiences through leadership and experiential learning opportunities.

Members of the OLSD unit work with Cedar Crest faculty and staff to provide students with the tools to envision, plan, and achieve their personal and professional goals. We provide students with opportunities to develop leadership skills that include communication, community and global involvement, critical thinking, decision-making, conflict management, and an appreciation for diversity.


To provide opportunities to develop leadership knowledge, skills, and abilities to prepare students to meet the challenges of our diverse, global society.

The Leadership Office aspires to develop women to lead with integrity and confidence, through change and towards improvement and inclusion.

Our Core Values:

When working with students it's important that we model the behaviors we expect from them.  Our core values are essential to how we plan and implement programs and initiatives that will benefit their development.