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Technology Checklist


  • We cannot recommend a specific vendor; however, we recommend you get the best computer that you can afford. We routinely contract with Dell and Apple for faculty/staff computers.  Both companies offer student discounts (visit their websites for details).
  • Microsoft Windows or Mac (both will work on our network, but keep in mind that we are largely a Windows campus).
  • Desktop or wireless-enabled laptop (we recommend laptops). Highly recommend a laptop with an Ethernet connection as well as wireless for residents.
  • Residents have Ethernet connections in the Residence Halls as well as wireless. We recommend purchasing at least a 14-foot CAT-5 Ethernet cable for a faster internet connection in your room.
  • We provide wireless networking (802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n).


  • Students can download Office 365 for free. You will be able to sign up for this software as soon as you receive your College email address. Click on the Software Downloads page in the left column for more information.
  • Operating system (Windows 7 and newer for PCs or OSX and newer for Macs). Be sure to install all of patches and updates.
  • Any other programs that you frequently use.  Be sure to bring your discs in case you need to reinstall a program.


  • We provide email, network, and My CedarCrest accounts to all students.
  • We provide Internet access to all students living in the residence halls.
  • Wireless access is available in most buildings on campus.
  • Ethernet network (NIC) card (many computers have this built in).
  • Ethernet network cable (Category 5, RJ 45).

Printer (Optional)

  • Students can print from their personal computers to several lab printers across campus, so there is not a need for a printer. A printer is located in each residence hall lab, and in several commuter-friendly locations across campus. 
  • If you choose to bring one, make sure that the printer can be connected directly to your computer via USB. Wireless printers are not supported on the College’s wireless network.

Services for Students

Network/Email Accounts

All students are assigned a network and email account for the duration of their attendance at Cedar Crest College. These accounts are free of charge. Students are expected to be familiar with, and apply student handbook guidelines as they apply to computer usage.

Support for Internet Access from Residence Halls

All residence halls are connected to the campus Ethernet and Wireless network. If you encounter any technical problems after you have connected your computer in your room, please contact the Information Technology Help Desk (ext. 3348).They will assist you in diagnosing the problem.

Computer Labs

All currently-enrolled students have free use of the computer labs. Lab computers have full access to the campus network, the Internet, and email. Student consultants, based in the Cressman Library, are the first line of help for students who encounter problems with software or hardware and can be reached by phone extension HELP (4357) or email ( Student consultants can answer questions about network software applications and respond to general computer problems.

Support for Student Owned Computers

Information Technology provides limited support to students with connecttivity issues in Residence Halls and to the wireless network on campus.

  • If the problem you are encountering is determined to be network related, our office will work to resolve the problem as swiftly as possible.
  • If the problem is determined to be hardware related, you will be referred to the vendor from whom you purchased your computer. If your computer is no longer under warranty, our office can provide you a list of local businesses that offer computer repair.
  • If the problem is related to software you purchased and installed on your computer, you will be referred to the software manufacturer.

Audio Visual Equipment Reservations

Audio Visual equipment required for student assignments or projects must be requested through the class instructor or group advisor. However, Cedar Crest students may check out camcorders, tripods, and cassette players from the Audio Visual Services department to be used for classroom or student organization projects. Students must call Audio Visual Services in advance and arrange for a pickup and drop off time. To ensure equipment availability, make reservations at least 7 days in advance.

Technology Resources Guide (.pdf, 188K)

This guide covers all the resources provided to Cedar Crest Students, including directions for use.

Recommended Computer Specifications (.pdf, 32K)

This is IT's recommended "shopping list" for students looking to purchase a laptop for college. A computer that meets these specifications is expected to last 3-4 years, with appropriate operating system updates.

Online Accounts Fact Sheet (.pdf, 104K)

Information about the online accounts that you will need to use as a Cedar Crest student.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.

New Computers and Accessories Discounts

Cedar Crest College, through our LVAIC affiliation, participates with Dell, Lenovo, and Mac Computers in a Campus Agreement for purchasing personal computers for home use. This offer is available to Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, and Alumnae. Visit our personalized links below to view current sales and specials.

Dell Cedar Crest Dell Site


lenovo Cedar Crest Lenovo Site

Lenovo is a division of IBM, and offers discounts on all IBM products, including the ThinkPad notebook.


Apple Logo Cedar Crest Apple Site
When accessing Apple's website, you may need to search for your school to begin. Use the zip code 18104, or search using Allentown, PA as your city and state.

Software Discounts

 Link to Journey Ed Store

As members of AICUP, all students and employees of the college have access to deeply discounted software products available through JourneyEd.  Software brands include Microsoft, Adobe, and SPSS, among others.
Please Note:
  • Office 365 is available to all students and employees for free. Installations are available once your College email account has been created. 
  • Most software applications required for coursework is installed in at least one lab location on campus for student use. Please wait until your class begins before purchasing any software.