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Calley Stevens Taylor, M.S., Director of Student Success & Retention, 610-606-4628

Susan Barnes, M.S., CRC, Assistant Director of Learning and Disability Services, 610-606-4666 ext. 4462
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Elena Brobyn-Navarro, M.Ed., Advising and Retention Specialist, 610-606-4666 ext. 3753
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Rachel Buckley, B.S., Academic Advisor, 610-606-4666 ext. 3428
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Rosanna Cabatic, M.Ed., Advising and Retention Specialist, 610-606-4666 ext. 3591
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Maria Spinosa Ebert, M.Ed., ESL Specialist, 610-606-4666 ext. 3487 Appointment Link:

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LeeAnne Egan, M.P.A., Advising and Retention Specialist/ ACT 101 Coordinator, 610-606-4666 ext. 3481
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Rebecca Getz-Keller, M.Ed., Assistant Director for Adult Undergraduate Advising, 610-606-4666 ext. 3776
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Kelcie Molchany, M.S., Professional Tutor of Mathematics and Chemistry, 610-606-4666 ext. 3485
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Kara Polhemus, M.A., Coordinator for Writing and Learning Support Resources, 610-606-4666 ext. 4461

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Anyi Ye, M.A., International Student Adviser, 610-606-4666 ext. 4557
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Alicia Shussett, MPIA, Office Coordinator, 610-606-4628

Calley Stevens Taylor, Director of Student Success and Retention

I've been working in student services and academic affairs for 10 years and have been a part of the Cedar Crest community since December 2013. I earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Asheville. During college I thought about being a psychiatrist, a rabbi, a philosopher, an Army chaplain, a lawyer, and forensic psychologist, but my experiences as a student leader ultimately lead me to pursue a career in higher education. 

The day I graduated from college I moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, where I earned a master's degree in College Student Personnel. I love learning and I'm currently pursuing master's degree in Comparative and International Education at Lehigh University.

When I'm not at work or studying, you can find me reading, quilting, knitting, or hiking. I love yoga and running and I ran a marathon in October 2013. It was an amazing experience, but I think I'm still tired!  I love to travel, try new foods, get to know people who are different from me and I absolutely hate zombies. I'm lucky to be married to Allen and I love our two cats-especially the one who think she's a dog.

Elena Brobyn-Navarro, Advising and Retention Specialist

I was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but spent the majority of my adolescence in the Bloomsburg, PA area. After pursuing what I was “good at” (Genetic Engineering, here at Cedar Crest) I spent more time pursuing what I loved (English), and earned a B.A. in English Literature before continuing on to complete a M.Ed. in College Student Affairs at Bloomsburg University. Teaching at a local community college while coordinating and providing English/Humanities/Social Science tutoring, I developed a deep interest in cultivating individual student success. My academic interests include critically reading textbooks and reading strategies, study skills, and approaches to test taking.

I absolutely love coffee, and consume far more of it than I imagine I should! While overly caffeinated, I also love reading, writing, camping, hiking, playing music, gardening for sustainability, and searching YouTube for oddly amusing videos.

Rachel Buckley, Academic Advisor

Rachel Buckley has lived in the Allentown area for most of her life. She attended Cedar Crest College but graduated from Kutztown University with a B.S. in psychology. She has spent two years working as the administrative assistant to the Psychology Department here at Cedar Crest but is excited to begin her new position as advisor for the Nursing Department. When she’s not working as an advisor, she enjoys reading, writing and watching movies.

Rebecca Getz-Keller, Assistant Director of Adult Undergraduate Advising

Rebecca Getz-Keller is an alumna of Cedar Crest College and is currently celebrating her eighteenth year of service to the college. She is the assistant director of adult undergraduate advising and holds positions on the Retention Committee and the ACT 101 Advisory Board.  She is also the advisor to Alpha Sigma Lambda and teaches Business Communication as an adjunct instructor in the Department of Business, Management, and Economics.  A member of NACADA, Rebecca was awarded the Graduate Student Research Symposium Award for Academic Advising in 2011.  Prior to joining the staff at Cedar Crest, Rebecca held administrative positions at the Lehigh County Prison and the Department of Human Resources of Lehigh County.  Rebecca earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration and her master’s degree in education from Cedar Crest College.  In her spare time she enjoys honing her cooking skills and spending time with friends and family.

Calley Stevens Taylor

Elean Brobyn-Navarro

Rebecca Getz-Keller

Maria Ebert

Kara Polhemus

Alicia Shussett

Rachel Buckley

LeeAnne Egan

Kara Polhemus, Coordinator Writing/Learning Support Services

Kara first moved to the Lehigh Valley when she was accepted at Moravian College, where she graduated with a BA in Psychology and a minor English literature. She went on to attend West Chester University, where she graduated with an MA in English. Much of her graduate research was focused on writing centers, writing pedagogy, and tutoring (most of the rest was focused on video games). She currently has over eight years of experience as an English professor and writing tutor.

In her spare time, she enjoys camping, gardening, making jewelry, video gaming, and entertaining her adopted cats and dogs. 

Alicia Shussett, Office Coordinator

I have worked in different levels of education in a variety of capacities over the past 25 years and at Cedar Crest for the past 10 years. I am married to Steve, who has serves the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America and also teaches theology and spiritual direction. We currently live in Allentown. My children, Rachel and Daniel, are young adults exploring the world with all of its opportunities.

I swim almost daily. I love good food, being with friends and the laughs we can share.  When I have free time I design and make Ukrainian eggs.

LeeAnne Egan, Advising and Retention Specialist/ACT 101 Coordinator

LeeAnne joined the Cedar Crest College family in January 2017.  She has a dual role in Academic Services.  First, she provides services for the ACT 101 population and also, secondly, offers academic advising for the Sciences and Health Sciences students.  Her undergraduate and Master’s degree was completed from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu, Hawaii.  She has recently moved to Pennsylvania and looks forward to the seasonal changes.

She comes to the college with 9 years of Academic Advising experience, from the University of Hawaii’s 4-year university and community college systems.  Her focused populations include online distance learning and veterans benefits advising.  She has experience in grant coordination, as she has had the honor of building one of the Veterans Resource Centers located on the island of Oahu.  Prior to the higher education years, she has also worked with disadvantaged minority populations in helping to achieve academic success through a program called Youth Challenge Academy.  As a First Generation learner, she too hopes that students today see the value in accomplishing post-secondary education.  She is happy to share her passion of helping students from various life circumstances, as she too has experienced valuable advising in the early years of her college education that has helped in building her life journey. 

A unique thing to know about LeeAnne is, she is a veteran.  It was an experience that helped her gain leadership skills and use her GI Bill to pay for her college.  She welcomes any conversation in seeking help about veterans’ educational benefits.

Maria Spinosa Ebert, ESL Specialist

Maria Spinosa Ebert has been a teacher for almost twenty years. She began specializing in ESL ten years ago and has never looked back!  She earned her bachelor’s degree at Alvernia University and her master’s degree in Globalization and Educational Change at Lehigh University. She is currently working toward another master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Lehigh. She is excited to be the ESL Specialist at Cedar Crest College and to be a part of this awesome team.

When she is not studying, she loves to spend time exercising her body by running and exercising her mind by reading. She also likes traveling to new places, eating new foods, meeting new people and drinking coffee. She has a wonderful husband, 1 athletic son, 1 academic daughter, 1 HUGE dog, and 2 fluffy cats at home and she loves to spend time with her large Italian family every chance she gets.