Academic Services

  • Anna Eichner, Director. Manages Finish Line, coordinates the First Year Experience, coordinates advising and tutoring programs, supports other programs and initiatives to promote academic success and student retention. Cressman Library 312 | | ext. 3776
  • Irene Wentzell, Advisor. Provides academic advising for programs in Art; Biological Sciences; Chemical & Physical Sciences; Communication; Nutrition; History, Literature, and Languages; Mathematics; Performing Arts; Intended Nursing; Psychology; and the Social Sciences. Irene also advises visiting students and coordinates SAGE orientation programs. Cressman Library 313 | | ext. 3753 | appointments: Irene Wentzell
  • Matthew Woodward, Advisor. Provides academic advising for Intended Nursing students. Cressman Library 315 | | ext. 3428 | appointments: Matthew Woodward
  • Lisa Johnson, Advisor. Provides academic advising for programs in Business, Management, and Economics; Education; Health Sciences; Deciding; and Intended Nursing. Lisa also coordinates the Registration Ready program. Cressman Library 314 | | ext. 4567 | appointments: Lisa Johnson
  • Tim Sullivan, Tutor. Provides tutoring and academic support for undergraduate Nursing courses. Hamilton Boulevard Building 58 | | ext. 4570 | appointments: Tim Sullivan
  • Paul Valent, Tutor. Provides tutoring and academic support for undergraduate Chemistry courses. Cressman Library 311| | ext. 3485  | appointments: Paul Valent
  • (Math tutor – hiring). Provides tutoring for math and chemistry courses.

Dean of Students

  • Calley Stevens Taylor, Vice President for Student Success and Engagement and Dean of Students. Provides leadership for Student Success and Engagement and other initiatives to support student success. Cressman Library 321 | | ext. 3582
  • Amy Porter, Assistant Dean of Students and Title IX Coordinator. Serves as the College’s Title IX Coordinator, chairs Care Team, and manages Community Standards. Cressman Library 318 | | ext. 4588 | appointments: Amy.Porter
  • Lynnsae Powers, Director of Persistence Support Resources. Directs the Act 101 FALCONERS program; provides academic coaching; and coordinates Closing the Gap, basic needs; and emergency aid resources. Cressman Library 319 | | ext. 4461 | appointments: Lynnsae Powers, M.Ed
  • Crystal Stubbs, Director of Student Accessibility Services. Manages the provision of accommodations for students with disabilities. Cressman Library 320 | | ext. 4462 | appointments: Crystal Stubbs
  • Alicia Shussett, Office Manager. Manages the Student Success Center Bridge, supports peer tutoring, and provides assistance for Student Success and Engagement offices and programs. Cressman Library 322 | | ext. 3484


International Student Services

  • Jonathan Summers, Director. Oversees International Student Services; manages recruitment, admissions, and enrollment of international students. Allen House 202 | | ext. 4587 | appointments: Jonathan Summers
  • Rosanna Cabatic, Assistant Director. Provides academic advising, and immigration and retention support for international students. Allen House 203 | | ext. 3591 | appointments: Rosanna Cabatic
  • Lindsey Hutterer, International Program Coordinator. Provides administrative support for International Student Services and Global Initiatives. Allen House 205 | | ext. 4082 | appointments: Lindsey Hutterer


Housing and Residence Life

  • Ken Lastowka, Director. Oversees Housing and Residence Life, manages housing assignments and facilities. Butz Hall Lower Level #1| | ext. 3351 | appointments: Ken Lastowka's Calendar
  • Alexis Trionfo, Assistant Director for Residential Education and Leadership. Manges the residential education curriculum and the Resident Advisors, and coordinates the Resource Pantry.  Butz Hall Lower Level #4 | | ext. 4650 | appointments: Alexis Trionfo
  • Leannie Jusino, Graduate Area Coordinator. Provides support for Resident Advisors and residents in Curtis and Butz Halls. Butz Hall Lower Level #3 | | ext. 3570 | appointments: email her to schedule
  • Sue Huber, Administrative Assistant. Provides administrative support for Housing and Residence Life. Butz Hall Lower Level #2 | | ext. 3401


Career Development and Community Engagement

  • Michele Moyer, Director. Oversees Career Development and Community Engagement; coordinates Career Development programs and resources and the Student Employment Center. Tompkins College Center 205 | | ext. 4403
  • Takyra Batz, Assistant Director for Community Engagement and Leadership Development. Coordinates the Lutz Center for Community Services and leadership programs. Tompkins College Center 204 | | ext. 3392 | appointments: Takyra Batz
  • Sue Huber, Administrative Assistant. Provides administrative support for Career Development. Butz Hall Lower Level #2 | | ext. 3401


Office of Student Engagement

  • Olivia Miller, Director. Oversees student engagement for undergraduate and graduate students, coordinates College Tradition events, advises Student Government Association and civic engagement programs. Tompkins College Center 318 | | ext. 3442.
  • Kaleah Kinsey, Assistant Director of Student Engagement. Manages student activities, clubs and organizations, and recreation and wellness programs, advises the Student Activities Board and co-advises the Student Government Association. Tompkins College Center 319 | | ext. 3452


Health & Counseling Services

Purpose Statement

Student Success and Engagement educates and empowers Cedar Crest students to be independent and engaged learners and active members of their communities. We offer programs and services that support academic achievement; guide students in the purposeful and continual development of their skills and abilities; promote wellbeing; and remove barriers to ensure an accessible, inclusive, and equitable student experience.

~ Student Success and Engagement – Working Purpose Statement (8/22/22)

Locations for Our Services

  • The Student Success Center in Cressman Library (main floor) is home to the Office of Academic Advising, Learning and Disability Resources, and the office of the Vice President of Student Services and Success/Dean of Students.
  • The Allen House (second floor) is home to International Student Services.
  • Butz Hall (lower level) contains not only the offices of Housing and Residence Life, but also the career closet, Student Engagement Teams (SET) space, prayer room, and food pantry.
  • Hamilton Boulevard Building (HBB) is where our nursing tutor works with students.
  • Tompkins College Center (second and third floors) includes the offices of Student Engagement and Career Development and Community Engagement. 

Our regular hours are Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (Individual staff may have later hours available).

The Student Success Center, Butz Hall, and the Allen House have 24/7 access for students. Swipe your Cedar Crest ID to enter after normal operating hours to gain access to study spaces, computers, printer/copier, and the Market 365 Café, the career closet, Student Engagement Teams (SET) space, prayer room, and food pantry.*

* Please note that these hours may change at any time due to emerging issues related to COVID-19.