Make Your Emails and Social Media Posts Accessible

Please refer to the following information and documents that show how to make your emails and social media posts accessible. 

Email - Outlook

Outlook Email Accessibility.docx

Social Media

Please review the following general guidelines for making your posts accessible:

General Guidelines for Making Social Media Posts Accessible.docx

Cedar Crest App

Please note the Cedar Crest App does not currently support the addition of alt text to images or graphics. If you add an image or a graphic to the app, please make sure to:

  • put a description of any pictures in the text of your post (don't just post the picture)
  • put the details of your event or announcement in the text of your post (don't just post a graphic for an announcement)

Instagram Post Accessibility

Facebook Post Accessibility - Desktop App.docx

Facebook Post Accessibility - Mobile App.docx

Twitter Post Accessibility.docx

Additional Resources

Social Media Accessibility Toolkit (website)