Cedar Crest staff are providing services remotely at this time. If you are a student who wishes to request accommodations, please follow the steps outlined below to make a “New Student Appointment.” If you are a student who currently receives accommodations and you have an access or accommodations related issue, please either make an appointment as usual, email Sue Barnes, or call her office number. Please note that, until further notice, all appointments will be conducted by phone and you will call in (610-606-4666 ext. 4462) at the beginning of your appointment time.



Cedar Crest College is committed to ensuring students with disabilities are welcomed as a part of our diverse community and that they have equal access to participate in all programs and services offered by the College.  The process of requesting and being approved for accommodations is an interactive one and requires student involvement.  Students who intend to request accommodations will need to:

“Self-identify” in order to receive services, by first meeting with the Director of Learning and Disability Resources.  During this meeting the student will: discuss a diagnosed condition, the functional limitations the student experiences as a result of this condition, and requests for accommodations (academic, residential and/or dining).

Provide supporting documentation of their condition, which assists in further identifying accommodations that are reasonable and appropriate.  Students are not required to bring documentation to the initial meeting; however, should the student already have documentation (such as school system Evaluation Reports, Re-evaluation Reports, IEP or 504 plans, etc.), it may be provided at that time.  

Students may receive accommodations due to the functional limitations caused by many types of conditions such as attention disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, chronic health conditions, cognitive impairments, communication impairments, food allergies/insensitivity, hearing impairments/deafness, learning disabilities, physical/mobility issues, mental health conditions, brain injury/concussions, visual impairments/blindness and others.    

Once a student is approved for accommodations, the Director works closely with the student, the student’s instructors, and other departments (Residence Life/Housing, Student Affairs, Dining Services etc.) to coordinate provision of accommodations.   Please note that we consider the provision of accommodations to be a “fluid” process: a student’s condition may change, a student may be diagnosed with an additional condition, an accommodation may not be effective, etc.  Therefore, it is important the student work closely and communicate in a timely manner with the Director for any necessary adjustments throughout their time at Cedar Crest. 

Although accommodations may be requested at any time, it is advisable for incoming first year and transfer students to request accommodations several months in advance of the beginning of their first semester at Cedar Crest.  Prompt requests will provide adequate time to ensure reasonable and appropriate accommodations are in place for the student prior to the start of classes. Please note that accommodations are not applied retroactively once approved.


If you are interested in requesting accommodations and are not yet receiving them, you can make an appointment with the Director of Learning & Disability Resources via Disability Resources Appointments and selecting a “New Student” appointment (if you are already receiving accommodations, please select a "follow up" appointment).  You will then need to complete the form and “confirm” the booking.  Please note that appointments are currently only (until further notice) being conducted by phone and you will call in at the beginning of your appointment (information is provided in appointment form and confirmation email). Once you have completed this process, you will receive a confirmation email. Appointments are traditionally scheduled between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. - please call 610-606-4666 ext. 4462 if you require an appointment outside our normal office hours.

Are Accommodations Retroactive?

Accommodations are not retroactive.  You must complete the accommodation request process and be approved for accommodations before accommodations become active.  For this reason, proactive planning is very important; if you are experiencing an on-going condition that impacts major life activities, such as learning, you may want to consider contacting Disability Resources to discuss your issue and to start the process of requesting accommodations.


Disability Resources does not typically notify instructors of student absences. If you are absent and need an instructor notified, please use the Absence Notification Request on the Student Affairs page of My Cedar Crest.

Students with Chronic Physical or Mental Health Conditions

Your health is important!  Health Services at Cedar Crest offers short term care for routine illness as well as short term counseling for students dealing with unexpected challenges in their lives. If you have a chronic physical or mental health condition for which you receive regularly scheduled long term care (medical appointments or treatment, therapy etc.), please make certain that you arrange for the same level of care, locally, while you are at Cedar Crest College.  This may help you maintain your health and prevent “flare-ups” of your condition.  Remember … throughout the years you attend college, you’ll be on campus more than you’ll be home!

Currently Enrolled Students with Acute Injuries

Accommodations are typically provided to students with long-term/permanent conditions/disabilities (over 6 months).  However, on a case-by-case basis, Disability Resources may also provide accommodations to students with temporary conditions as the need arises. Currently enrolled students with acute injuries (such as concussions, broken bones etc.) who are in need of accommodations should contact Academic Services (610-606-4628) immediately for the next available appointment.  Please note that this interactive process may take some time so students are advised to submit documentation to Student Affairs (Absence Notification Request) regarding any absences they may have had in relation to the injury/condition. Students are also encouraged to work with instructors regarding any missed content, assignments and/or testing that occurs after the injury and before accommodations are in place.


Returning Students with Previously Approved Accommodations

Students with approved accommodations who have graduated, taken a leave of absence, or exited the College for any reason, will be placed in "Inactive" status. Such students must email or call Disability Resources (; 610-606-4628) to notify the office that they intend to re-enroll. Students should provide at least one weeks notice in order for staff to place them in "Active" status and generate Accommodation Letters.    


Is Online Learning Right For You?

If you are considering taking online courses, please be aware that your need for accommodations may be different in online courses, versus on-campus courses. Examples may include the need for different accommodations related to understanding written instructions, use of technology to access online content, participating in online discussions, watching and listening to online videos, listening to online audio files, and use of remote proctoring. 

Before enrolling in an online course, students with disabilities should consider the following:

1) How well do I manage my time? Am I good at working independently?

2) Does my disability affect my ability to process and comprehend written information?

3) Will I need to utilize assistive technology to access and complete the course?

4) How comfortable am I with computers and technology? Will I need any additional technology or supplies for the class (such as a web cam)?

5) What am I expecting from the course with regard to interaction with the instructor or other students? What will be expected of me?

Some great references from our IT department are:

Note: Course syllabi, even for previous courses, are often available on My Cedar Crest (Current Students> Quick Links> Course Syllabi), so it is a good idea to look at the syllabus for a class in which you are interested. You can also contact the course instructor to ask questions about the format of the course, the assignments, any additional technology and supplies that might be necessary, etc.

Relocation Plan for Disability Access

Members of the community and visitors who need access to offices housed in inaccessible locations should contact the Academic Services at 610-606-4628 or

Inaccessible campus locations include Blaney Hall (BHA), the Alumnae Little Theater, Almunae Hall (ALH) (second floor), Lees Hall, Hartzel Hall (HH) (first and second floors), Allen House (second floor), Moore Hall, Steinbright Hall, Curtis Hall (third floor), and the athletic fields. Many classes, meetings, activities, and events can be moved to accessible locations with 48-hours notice.

Accessible Parking and Pathways

The following is a campus map indicating accessible parking spaces and pathways (updated Mar. 2020).

CCC_CampusMap_Accessible Parking and Pathways 2020.pdf

Video Monitoring in Testing Area

Please note that as of Fall 2019-2020, Academic Services will be actively video monitoring and recording testing sessions in our testing area. Upon request, instructors may view recorded video to ensure testing integrity.

AS Testing Information Aug 19.pdf

No TESTING Appointments in Academic Services Mar. 16 - Apr. 3

As in-person instruction has been suspended and Cedar Crest is going completely to online instruction until April 3rd, students with testing accommodations will not be able to take tests in Academic Services and will take their tests online, like all other students. Please refer to the email sent out on 3/13/20 for additional information. Should you still have questions about your testing accommodations, please contact Academic Services at 610-606-4628. Please also continue to check your email for updates as the College may update policies for the remainder of the semester at any time.

Testing (tests/exams/quizzes) may be administered in Academic Services for students who are approved for testing accommodations but whose instructors are unable to provide the accommodations for a particular test. To request a testing appointment in Academic Services, please click on “continue to form” below, read the information and instructions, complete the form and submit it. If, for any reason, you are unable to use this form, please contact Academic Services at 610-606-4628.

Continue to form

PLEASE NOTE: Any documentation submitted between 3/18/20 and 4/3/20 must be submitted via email ( Staff is currently working remotely and may not have any access to documents that are mailed or faxed. If you need an alternate format for any of these documents, or if you have questions about this information or these processes, please contact Academic Services at 610-606-4628.

Appeals Process

Appeal Process.pdf

Academic Services Testing Appointments

AS Testing Information Aug 19.pdf

Using the Online Form to Make a Testing Appointment.pdf

Audio Recording

Audio Recording Agreement.pdf

Making Requests for Alternate Format Texts

How to Find Your Textbooks.pdf

Making Alternate Format Textbook Requests.pdf

Map of Accessible Parking and Pathways

Accessible Parking and Pathways 2020.pdf

Social Media

Social Media Accessibility Tool Kit

Students Taking Courses at Other LVAIC Institutions

OCICU Disability Services Requests.pdf

Summary of Accommodations Letter

Students who are tranferring to another institution may request (contact Sue Barnes at 610-606-4628 or both a copy of the supplemental documentation they provided Cedar Crest as well as a Summary of Accommodations Letter that will outline the time period for which the student received accommodations at Cedar Crest and the accommodations that were approved for the student.

Supplemental Documentation Guidelines/Forms

Acquired Brain Injury/Post-Concussion.pdf


Allergy & Meal Plan Acc Requests.pdf

Autism Spectrum Disorder.pdf

Blind/Low Vision.pdf

Chronic Illness/Condition.pdf


Intellectual Disability.pdf

Learning Disability.pdf

Mental Health Conditions.pdf

Physical Disability/Mobility.pdf

Handbook for Disability and Accessibility Services Updated Summer 2016