Relocation Plan for Disability Access

If you need access to offices housed in inaccessible locations, please feel free to request that your appointment be held in an accessible location. Faculty and staff will be happy to accommodate you. Should you need further assistance with access, please contact the Academic Services office at 610-606-4628 or Many classes, meetings, activities, and events can be moved to accessible locations with 48-hours notice. 

Inaccessible campus locations include Blaney Hall (BHA), the Alumnae Little Theater, Almunae Hall (ALH) (second floor), Lees Hall, Hartzel Hall (HH) (first and second floors), Allen House (second floor), Moore Hall, Steinbright Hall, Curtis Hall (third floor), and the athletic fields. 

Accessible Parking and Pathways

The following is a campus map indicating accessible parking spaces and pathways (updated Mar. 2023).

CCC_CampusMap_Accessible Parking and Pathways 2023.pdf