PLEASE NOTE: Please submit, or have documentation submitted, directly to Sue Barnes via email ( or submitted via our toll-free, secure, HIPAA compliant fax (1-833-690-2149). Staff is currently working remotely and may not have any access to documents that are mailed or faxed. If you need an alternate format for any of these documents, or if you have questions about this information or these processes, please contact Academic Services at 610-606-4628. If you need a different format of any of these documents in order to access them, please contact Sue Barnes.

Appeals Process

Appeal Process.pdf

Academic Services Testing Appointments

AS Testing Information Aug 19.pdf

Using the Online Form to Make a Testing Appointment.pdf

Audio Recording

Audio Recording Agreement.pdf

Course Changes - You Added Courses

Please use the Course Change Notification Form to notify us that you have added courses and will need additional Accommodations Letters sent to instructors.

Making Requests for Alternate Format Texts

How to Find Your Textbooks.pdf

Making Alternate Format Textbook Requests.pdf

Alternate Format Textbook Request Form

Map of Accessible Parking and Pathways

Accessible Parking and Pathways 2020.pdf

Note Taker Requests

Students with an approved Note Taker accommodation should review the following policy prior to requesting note takers.

Note Taker Request Policy Jan 2018.pdf

Service Animals

Service Animal Policy.pdf

Social Media

Social Media Accessibility Tool Kit

Students Taking Courses at Other LVAIC Institutions

OCICU Disability Services Requests.pdf

Summary of Accommodations Letter

Students who are tranferring to another institution may request (contact Sue Barnes at 610-606-4628 or both a copy of the supplemental documentation they provided Cedar Crest as well as a Summary of Accommodations Letter that will outline the time period for which the student received accommodations at Cedar Crest and the accommodations that were approved for the student.

Supplemental Documentation Guidelines/Forms

Please note that any forms posted below are offered for the student's/treating provider's convenience and can serve as a guide should the treating provider wish to write a letter or provide some other type of documentation.

Acquired Brain Injury/Post-Concussion.pdf


Autism Spectrum Disorder.pdf

Blind/Low Vision.pdf

Chronic Illness/Condition.pdf


ESA Process Form.pdf

ESA Doc Request Form.pdf

Intellectual Disability.pdf

Learning Disability.pdf

Meal Plan Acc Request Form.pdf

Mental Health Conditions.pdf

Physical Disability/Mobility.pdf