Kurzweil Information (for testing etc.)

NOTICE: Students Using Kurzweil for Testing

Students, please note that the new Canvas Immersive Reader feature does not work for testing in Canvas. As you may now be taking your tests/quizzes online, you can still use Kurzweil to listen to test/quiz questions. In order to do this, you will first need to add the Kurzweil "Read the Web" Chrome extension to your computer. You will need to sign into this program BEFORE opening your Canvas test/quiz. This video (this video is on Stream so you will need to sign into your student Microsoft account to view this) will show you how to add the extension:

Adding the Kurzweil "Read the Web" Chrome Extension

Here are instructions on how to access Kurzweil 3000 online and the Read the Web application in case you need them:

Kurzweil Information & Instructions.docx

The Read the Web extension not only allows you to read any information (news articles, online journal articles, etc.) you can pull up on the web, it allows you to use Kurzweil in Canvas for testing. In order to use this extension for testing, you must first sign into the Read the Web extension on your computer, then sign into Canvas. Start your test and you will be able to place the cursor in front of the content you want read aloud.

Kurzweil Training

If you are approved to use alternate format textbooks and would like training on how to use Kurzweil and the Kurzweil "Read the Web" extension, please make a one hour (you may use the "New Student" appointment type) appointment with Sue Barnes for training. Please note that during the time staff is working remotely due to COVID-19, these training appointments will take place via online conferencing (Go To Meeting).