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Academic Services is responsible for coordinating specific services and resources for students with disabilities at Cedar Crest College, working with students with disabilities and their staff and faculty to ensure that Section 504 and ADA regulations are fulfilled in a reasonable and timely manner on campus.

Students with disabilities should schedule a meeting with the Disability and Accommodation Specialist to discuss documentation requirements and accommodations. Call us at 610-606-4628 or contact our office at

Determining reasonable and appropriate accommodations is an interactive and evaluative process that involves consideration of both information provided by the student (student disclosure) and supplemental documentation.  Guidelines for supplemental documentation, that can be referred to by students and treating professionals when they are considering what information should be provided, can be found on this page under the heading "Disability Services Forms".  

All transportation requests are coordinated through the Disability and Accommodation Specialist.

How to Receive Accommodations

If you are a student who is in need of accommodations on our campus, please contact Academic Services to schedule a one hour appointment with Sue Barnes or use this link to schedule directly:

If you need to schedule a meeting outside of normal office hours, please contact us at 610-606-4628.

Relocation Plan for Disability Access

Members of the community and visitors who need access to offices housed in inaccessible locations should contact the Academic Services at 610-606-4628 or at

Inaccessible campus locations include Blaney Hall (BHA), the Alumnae Little Theater, Almunae Hall (ALH) (second floor), Lees Hall, Hartzel Hall (HH) (first and second floors), Allen House, Moore Hall, Steinbright Hall, Curtis Hall (third floor), and the athletics fields. Classes, meetings, activities, and events can be moved to accessible locations with 48-hours notice.

Supplemental Documentation

The following are guidelines that can be referred to by students and treating professionals when they are considering what information should be provided as supplemental documentation.  

Acquired Brain Injury/Post-Concussion Syndrome (.pdf, 109K)
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) (.pdf, 111K)
Autism Spectrum Disorder/Asperger Syndrome (.pdf, 103K)
Blindness/Low Vision (.pdf, 100K)
Chronic Health (.pdf, 291K)
Deaf/Hard of Hearing (.pdf, 100K)
Intellectual Disabilities (.pdf, 115K)
Learning Disabilities (.pdf, 113K)
Physical/Mobility (.pdf, 101K)
Psychological/Psychiatric Form (.pdf, 169K)
OCICU Information
For students enrolled in OCICU classes, please see the attached policy regarding accommodations.
OCICU Accommodation Requests (.pdf, 141K)
Handbook for Disability and Accessibility Services Updated Summer 2016
Disability and Accessibility Handbook (.pdf, 788K)
Accessible Routes and Parking
Campus Map (.pdf, 714K)
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
If you have been approved for testing accommodations and are unable to make arrangements to take the test with your professor, please continue to this form to schedule a test with Academic Services. If for any reason you are unable to use this form, please contact us at

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