The Writing Center

Writing assistance, through the Writing Center is available to all Cedar Crest students, and peer Writing Consultants can assist students with papers and written assignments for any course or subject. Writing Consultants are committed to fostering academic success by helping students develop and improve their writing skills and helping students learn how to navigate formatting manuals (APA, MLA, and Chicago). Writing Consultants do not edit student writing assignments. Please review the Writing Center policies (below) so that you understand the scope of assistance that may be provided by our Consultants. We recommend graduate students use Smarthinking professional tutoring (for info go to: My Cedar Crest, Current Students, Academic Services, then Smarthinking Online Tutoring) rather than peer writing assistance. Please refer to the "Resources for Writers" section on the right side of this page for some very helpful writing information and tutorials.

All Writing Center appointments are scheduled through the WC Online portal (under this section). First time WC Online users will need to register an account. In addition, you will need to disable your browser’s pop-up blocker by clicking the small red box that appears in the upper-right corner of your screen, then you can click the WCOnline link again. Please review the instructions and policies before scheduling an appointment.

Before making an appointment, please see the Writing Center Appointment Information section (center of page) for information about the types of appointments that are available, days/times of availability, and instructions for eTutoring appointments (if available).

Spring 2023 Schedule

Spring 2023 Peer Writing Schedule

Please note that WC Online will reflect the most current schedule. For days or times when tutoring is unavailable, please use Smarthinking.

For any questions, email 


Online Writing Center Schedule

Online Appointment options will be available beginning September 30, 2021. Students must make appointments with Writing Consultants through the WC Online portal (above). During the summer 2022 semester, students will have two online options for appointments. 

1) Online - this is a live, synchronous, online appointment held via Teams - you will need to attend this appointment online. You will get live feedback and be able to ask follow up questions of your Writing Consultant.  If you schedule in advance, you will also get a reminder the day before your appointment. Please note you MAY NOT record online tutoring sessions in Teams.

2) eTutoring/Asynchronous - this is an asynchronous appointment and you will not attend this appointment. You will upload your writing assignment and any other pertinent documents. Once your appointment time has concluded, you will receive an email containing your writing assignment/Word DOC, with comments being used to provide feedback and indicate areas for improvement. 

Resources for Writers

The following documents and websites may be helpful resources for students completing various types of writing assignments:

Getting Started and Organizing

Grammar & Common Writing Errors/Non-Errors

APA Style - from the American Psychological Association

MLA Style

Chicago Style

Thesis and Dissertation Writing

Career and Business Writing