Math and Chemistry


Kelcie will be providing CHE/MAT tutoring for all students who require tutoring for MAT 102, 107, 110, 140, 141, 142 and CHE 103, 111, 112, 203, 205, and 206. Tutoring appointments are made through the WC Online portal (below).

Please plan ahead and schedule appointments in advance. Please check the Cedar Crest app for the most up-to-date announcements.

Appointments are scheduled using WCOnline. Select "Fall 2020 Professional CHE/MAT Tutoring" from the dropdown menu after logging in to WCOnline. Please note that appointment times default to 30 minutes for online appointments.

Questions about scheduling an appointment? Watch the Welcome to Professional CHE/MAT Tutoring video.

In addition, at this time, Kelcie is moving CHE/MAT tutoring entirely online (NOT in person) during the Fall semester. All tutoring sessions will be conducted remotely, live, via GoToMeeting. Please schedule sessions as usual, including uploading any documents (i.e. practice tests, questions) with work done on the document as a PDF (or picture, screenshot if necessary) to the WC Online appointment form. To see a demo of online tutoring, watch a short video. 

If you schedule an online session during this time period, you will receive an email from Kelcie with the link to the Go To Meeting session before the appointment. You can access the meeting from any device, roughly 5 minutes before your session begins. These sessions allow for use of a virtual whiteboard and chat window, and they are audio enabled. In this way, you and Kelcie can exchange visuals of math problems, chemical structures, etc., and you can ask questions. Please note two new policies: Students may not seek help with course content while the course exam is live. If students schedule for course content while an exam is live, the appointment will be canceled. Also, students may only seek help with specific problems if the source of the problem can be verified, whether by sending the PDF copy, etc.

Equipment needed: You should be able to join your session using a smart phone, tablet, or a computer (preferred) that have internal or external working microphones. It may also be helpful for you to have a working camera on your device. Please note that you should make sure your microphone and camera are both active and working prior to your appointment. If you have questions pertaining to worksheets, particular class notes, etc., please have saved documents or pictures ready to upload to the tutoring session "whiteboard", if necessary, or email to Kelcie ahead of time. Remember, the source of these problems must be verified as class notes or practice in order to receive help on these problems.

Please note that appointments within this time frame may be limited to 30 minutes to allow for more scheduling flexibility. 

Please contact Kelcie if you have any questions or concerns (

PLEASE SCROLL DOWN for access to INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS that may be of help to you.

NOTE: During times Kelcie is unavailable, please utilize Smarthinking, our 24/7 online tutoring service (see Peer Tutoring page for more information). Questions about accessing Smarthinking should be directed to

Please review tutoring policies for Professional Tutoring (below) prior to your tutoring appointment.

Questions? Please contact Kelcie Molchany (

Professional Tutoring Schedule and Policies