Undergraduate Nursing

Professional Tutoring, by Tim Sullivan, is available for students in the undergraduate Nursing program. Tutoring serves as a supplementary resource to class instruction and the Tutor will provide assistance with content for nursing courses, ATI, NCLEX, test preparation, organization, and study skills. 

Tim is tutoring for undergraduate NUR courses (any weekday) as well as TEAS test preparation (Mondays and Fridays only). Tim is moving NUR/TEAS tutoring entirely online (NOT in person) during this time period. All tutoring sessions will be conducted remotely, live, via GoToMeeting.


Appointments can be scheduled as usual through Tim’s YouCanBookMe (https://timothysullivan.youcanbook.me ) site. About 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, you will receive a link that will allow you to join your online appointment with Tim (join the meeting). A few minutes before your appointment time, please make sure you have your course materials ready and then click on the link to join your session.

In advance of your meeting, you can download the GoToMeeting app for smart phones, iPad, etc. (search your app store or online) which will help speed up the process of joining your tutoring session. You do not need to do this if using a computer. You do not need to create an account with GoToMeeting as you will access it using the link provided by Tim. During your tutoring session, you will be able to share your screen with Tim (as necessary) and he can share his screen with you. Please be patient as this make take a little trial and error the first time you have an online tutoring session.

Equipment needed: You should be able to join your session using a smart phone, tablet, or a computer (preferred) that have internal or external working microphones. If you would like to show Tim any of the course materials, you will also need to have a working camera on your device. Please note that you should make sure your microphone and camera are both active and working prior to your appointment.

Please contact Tim via email if you have any questions or problems (timothy.sullivan@cedarcrest.edu) or if you are a student who needs to schedule an appointment outside Tim’s usual hours.

Please note that Tim's office is in HBB Room 58, the former "Reading Room" inside the back (facing campus) entrance to the building.

Please review the tutoring policies (below) prior to attending your tutoring appointment.