Tutoring: General Information and Policies - The goal of subject specific tutoring and Instructional Assistant (I.A.) sessions is to help Cedar Crest students achieve academic success by becoming effective, independent learners. Tutoring is available for courses in which students typically need assistance.

Peer Tutors (subject specific) work with students on a walk-in basis. Should circumstances dictate it, we may also provide tutoring online via Microsoft Teams. In person tutoring takes place in the Student Success Center (specifically the back right of Cressman Library). Please review the information in the Peer Subject Specific Section outlining the coverage that is available for the current semester. Please review the Peer Tutoring Policy below so that you have an understanding of the Tutor's role in the learning process. Please review the Peer Tutoring Policies below before making an appointment and attending peer tutoring sessions. Peer Tutoring Policies.docx

Instructional Assistants are students who have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement and have strong time management, organizational, study, interpersonal, and communication skills. These students are recommended by faculty and have the ability to teach other students course content. I.A.s complete tutor training prior to working with students. I.A.s, typically hold weekly group tutoring sessions (in person or online) to review course content and they may also, as they are in this academic year, provide instruction in recitations. Please review the Instructional Assistant policies below before attending I.A. sessions. Instructional Assistant Policies.pdf

Spring 2023 Schedules

Please click on the links below for the walk-in peer tutoring and instructional assistant schedules. These update was we have changes, so check back. 
Writing Center, please go to that page to make an appointment, but the schedule is here: WC schedule

Scheduled Date Changes   Any needed updates or last minute changes will be noted here.

  • Taylor (CHE and BIO) is unavailable 3/28.
  • Emma (SWK) is unavailable 3/29 and 3/30.
  • Maddie (Writing) is unavailable 3/30.
  • Charlie (PSY) is unavailable 3/31.


IA Sessions

Instructional Assistants are available for the following courses:

  • BIO 117 and 118 (this student has hours to meet for review and questions)
  • BIO 123 and 124 (these are students assisting in your lab course)
  • CHE 103 (this student has hours to meet for review and questions)
  • CHE 111 and 112 (this student has hours to meet for review and questions)
  • MAT 140 (this student will be in your course and has hours to meet for review and questions)
  • MAT 141 (this student will be in your course and has hours to meet for review and questions)

Please see the IA Schedules listed on this page.

Please connect with your course instructor regarding locations for these sessions.

When peer tutors are unavailable, please utilize Smarthinking, our 24/7 online tutoring service (see Smarthinking Online Tutoring page for more information). Questions about accessing Smarthinking should be directed to advising@cedarcrest.edu.