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Walk-In Tutoring

Walk-In Tutoring is available in the Student Success Center in Cressman Library for ACC, BUA, ECO, BIO, CHE, MAT, PSY, and SWK courses. Appointments are not necessary for walk-in tutoring; students may visit the Student Success Center whenever tutors are scheduled. 

Daily temporary schedule updates (e.g., when a tutor is out sick) will be posted to the Cedar Crest App Student Feed, and to the whiteboard in the tutoring area of the Student Success Center. 

If you need assistance with a course that is not listed on the walk-in schedules, please fill out a Tutor Request form. 

If you cannot attend walk-in hours due to a schedule conflict, please contact Kara Polhemus at

ACC, BUA, and ECO Spring 2018 Schedule (.pdf, 104K)
BIOLOGY Walk-In Schedule Spring 2018 (.pdf, 108K)
CHEMISTRY Walk-In Schedule Spring 2018 (.pdf, 107K)
MATH Walk-In Schedule Spring 2018 (.pdf, 107K)
PSYCHOLOGY Walk-In Schedule Spring 2018 (.pdf, 108K)
SOCIAL WORK Walk-In Schedule Spring 2018 (.pdf, 105K)
Online Subject Tutoring is available by appointment using WCOnline.
Online Subject Tutoring Spring 2018 (.pdf, 168K)
Accessing WCOnline for Online Peer Tutoring Appointments.pdf (.pdf, 635K)
The Writing Center
Spring 2018 Writing Center Schedule (.pdf, 245K)
Accessing WCOnline for eTutoring Writing Center Appointments.pdf (.pdf, 485K)
Professional Tutoring

Professional Tutoring for Chemistry and Mathematics courses is available with Kelcie Molchany. Appointments are scheduled using WCOnline. Select "Professional Tutor MAT & CHE - Spring 2018" from the dropdown menu after logging in to WCOnline.

Questions? Contact

Chemistry and Math Professional Tutoring (.pdf, 229K)
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