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Academic Calendar
2016-2017 Academic Calendar (.xlsx, 27K)
2017-2018 Academic Calendar (.xlsx, 17K)
2018-2019 Academic Calendar (.pdf, 81K)
2019-2020 Academic Calendar (.pdf, 80K)
Final Exam Schedules
Fall 2016 - 2017 Final Exam Schedule (.docx, 17K)
Fall 2017-2018 Final Exam Schedule (.docx, 17K)
Spring 2016-17 Final Exam (.docx, 15K)

This schedule is for classes ending May 2017.

Spring 2017-2018 Final Exam Schedule (.docx, 17K)

This schedule is for classes ending May 2018.

FERPA Documents
FERPA Annual Notification (.doc, 28K)
Directory Information Notification (.docx, 13K)
FERPA Waiver (.docx, 15K)
Pass/Fail (.pdf, 73K)
Independent Study (.pdf, 77K)
Registration Form (.pdf, 21K)
Declaration of Major (.pdf, 153K)
Permission to Write a Letter of Recommendation (.pdf, 6K)
Permission to Transfer Credit (.pdf, 249K)
LAC - Traditional Students (.doc, 31K)
Consortium Appeal Form TRAD Students (.pdf, 192K)

The attached form is for traditional students to appeal the restriction limiting any OCICU courses during Fall or Spring semester.  Consult your faculty advisor prior to appealing this policy.

Annual FERPA Notification (.doc, 27K)
Informed Consent Statement for Online Courses (.pdf, 101K)
Student FAQ (.docx, 27K)
Online Student FAQ (.docx, 24K)
Late Withdrawal Appeal (.pdf, 370K)
Petition to Curriculum or Academic Policy Committee (.pdf, 189K)
Transcript Request Form (.pdf, 224K)
My Cedar Crest Users Guides
Access GroupWise with My Cedar Crest (.pdf, 69K)
Ethical Life Site Descriptions (.pdf, 200K)
Student's Guide to My CedarCrest (.doc, 32K)
A one-page guide to My CedarCrest.
-Registrar's Office
OCICU Registration Instructions (.docx, 333K)
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