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Cedar Crest College’s dining program is run by Parkhurst Dining. With an ever-present focus on quality, sustainability, and craftsmanship, Parkhurst offers a personalized approach to dining and catering on campus. 

The Cedar Crest philosophy of educating the whole student – body, mind and spirit – is well implemented. You will find healthier food options alongside traditional fare, so you can make the choice that is right for you. In addition, Parkhurst Dining is as interested in sustainability as much you are! That’s why you will find locally sourced produce when possible, as well as fair trade organic coffee. 

We aim to nourish, comfort, and excite through our food offerings every single day. 

We offer two main dining venues on campus - the Falcon’s Nest and Canova Commons, both located in Tompkins College Center - where you can grab a quick bite on the way to class or settle in for a relaxing respite from your studies. The Falcon's Nest, located on the second level in the Tompkins College Center, offers online ordering through the Transact Mobile Ordering app. Online orders may be customized, made-to-order, and available for contactless pick-up. Instructions on how to use the Transact Mobile Ordering app may be found here.

Additionally, the Cyber Café—now Starbucks, tucked next to the Samuels Theater, offers many delights from the Starbucks menu like frappuccinos, coffees, lattes, macchiatos, and more! We also have our 365 Market located in our Cressman Library as a self-serve, grab-and-go service for students - so you do not have to worry about grabbing a quick bite while studying! This service accepts dining dollars, Falcon Funds, and credit/debit cards. 

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