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Office Hours and Location

Information Technology Helpdesk
Call Center Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 8:00pm
Location: Cressman Library, main floor
Phone: on campus, dial extension 3348. Off campus, call 610-606-4635
AudioVisual Services
Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 8:00pm, Saturday -Sunday 9:00am - 1:00pm
Location: Cressman Library, main floor
Phone: on campus, dial extension 3348.
Can't find what you're looking for? Visit our public website at
Our public site contains information about:
  • Technology Resources
  • Technology Discounts
  • Computer Lab Information
  • Campus Printing
  • College Policies on Technology

Campus Web Print

Web Print is the Papercut printing solution for personal-owned laptops and computers. This page enables you to upload documents for printing from your personal computer to several designated printers across campus, rather than logging onto a networked computer. 

The user connected to our network with their personal computer that wants to print will need to first go to the Papercut web login page:


The user will then be guided through a wizard where they can select a printer, choose options such as number of copies, and select a document to upload. The document will then be queued for printing and the user can track its status from this page.

Directions for Using WebPrintpdf document

Mission Statement

The Office of Information Technology will provide quality information technology services, in the most cost-effective manner, to facilitate the College’s mission and strategic plan as it applies to teaching and learning. It will provide innovative assistance and leadership in IT matters to all parts of the College in the achievement of their goals and objectives. To accomplish this mission, Information Technology works collaboratively with the campus community to provide technological leadership.

My CedarCrest Login Request (.pdf, 185K)
What It's For: Accessing our Campus Information Portal
Who Can Apply: Staff (Faculty and Adjuncts have access automatically)
Please allow up to 5 business days for processing.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.
Configuring Email on Mobile Devices
Mobile Device Support Policy (.pdf, 180K)
Defines the level of support that Information Technology provides to mobile devices.
General Email Configuration Directions (.pdf, 187K)
Contains the common settings required to configure most smart phones to connect to your CC email account.
Configuring Your College Email on Android Phones (.pdf, 259K)
Configuring your College Email on an iPhone/iPad (.pdf, 440K)
Configuring your College Email on a Windows 7 phone (.pdf, 204K)
Online Account Help
Changing Your Passwords (.pdf, 339K)
You should change the default passwords for all of your online accounts at least once.  Click here for information on changing your network, email, My CedarCrest, and eCollege accounts.
This sheet also contains information about forgotton passwords.
Online Resources Fact Sheet (.pdf, 303K)
This handout explains each of your online accounts, and what each account can be used for.
Print Quota Account / PaperCut
Requesting a Refund (.pdf, 325K)
Directions on requesting a refund on your print quota account.
Using WebPrint (.pdf, 482K)
Directions on using your print quota directly from your personal computer.
Transferring Funds to a Fellow Student (.pdf, 201K)
If you have extra funds on your print quota account, you can transfer some of your balance to another student's account who needs it.
GroupWise Email
Help Sheets for using the college email system.
Using GroupWise WebAccess 8 (.pdf, 1873K)
This helpsheet walks through using GroupWise Webaccess, our web-based email system that can be accessed anywhere through the web.
Using the WebAccess Calendar (.pdf, 818K)
Getting Organized in GroupWise WebAccess (.pdf, 551K)
Email Rule - Move to Folder (.pdf, 181K)
These directions will show you how to move "all campus" emails from your mailbox to a folder you create. This will keep time-sensitive email from getting lost in the mix, and enable you to read about campus events on your own time.
Managing Your Mailbox Size (.pdf, 277K)
Tips on keeping you campus email account from exceeding size limitations.
Hosting_a_Successful_Webinar.pdf (.pdf, 174K)
These tips will help ensure a successful webinar event.
Windows 7
What's New in Windows 7 (.pdf, 1247K)
This handout goes over some of the major changes from Windows XP, to help make your transition a little smoother.
Logging in to a Windows 7 computer (.docx, 290K)
Windows 7 Quick Reference Guide (.pdf, 466K)
Microsoft Office 2010
Access 2010 Quick Reference Guide (.pdf, 361K)
General overview of new features in Access 2010 from
What's New in Office 2010 (.pdf, 312K)
General overview of new features in Office 2010 from
Word 2010 Quick Reference Guide (.pdf, 365K)
General overview of new features in Word 2010 from
Excel 2010 Quick Reference Guide (.pdf, 628K)
General overview of new features in Excel 2010 from
PowerPoint 2010 Quick Reference Guide (.pdf, 265K)
General overview of new features in PowerPoint 2010 from
Printing Handouts in Power Point (.pdf, 223K)
Directions for printing multiple slides per page.
How to Disable Common Pop-Up Blockers (.pdf, 1183K)
RealPlayer Video Tips (.docx, 364K)
This is a workaround for issues viewing and/or streaming Real Player videos in eCollege courses.
MAC OS and Software
Excel Quick Reference (.pdf, 966K)
General overview of features from
Word 2008 Quick Reference Guide (.pdf, 906K)
General overview of features from
Mac LION Quick Reference Guide (.pdf, 1176K)
General overview of features from
PowerPoint Quick Reference (.pdf, 1119K)
General overview of features from
Mac Snow Leopard Quick Reference Guide (.pdf, 995K)
General overview of features from
SPSS Legacy Viewer (.zip, 57495K)

For current facutly and staff using SPSS on your personal computer. This will allow you to view older .spo files on newer versions of SPSS.

Copy Files to a CD using Windows XP (.pdf, 242K)
Saving Your Data (.pdf, 1245K)
Instructions on how to back-up important files and other information from your local hard drive.
Accessing your Alumnae Email Account (.pdf, 203K)
Directions for logging into your alumnae email account the first time.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print PDF files.