Care Team Mission

The Cedar Crest College Care Team engages in proactive and collaborative approaches to identify, assess and coordinate responses to student situations. By partnering with members of the community, the team strives to ensure individual student well-being, retention and persistence while promoting community safety.

Care Team Report

Submit a Care Team Report when a) you want the Care Team to intervene with a student, or b) you want to notify the College regarding a retention risk that could be mitigated with intervention. Students do not receive copies of Care Team Reports.

Are you concerned about your friend, student or roommate? Click on this link to fill out the online form. Someone will follow-up on your concern.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: If this is an emergency that involves an imminent risk of harm to self or others, please contact campus police at 610-437-4471 or dial 0 from a campus phone prior to filling out this form. If you are off-campus, dial 911. Reports are reviewed during normal business hours and are not monitored after hours, on weekends or during official College holidays. While reports from this form are reviewed by a variety of campus partners working to assist students, it is NOT designed for emergency response situations.

For assistance or consultation while completing this form, please contact Kelly Steinmetz, Vice Chair of the Care Team and Director of Community Standards and Residence Life, at 610-606-4666 ext. 3351 or Calley Stevens Taylor, Dean of Student Success, at 610-606-4666 ext. 3582.

Team Members

  • Chair: Kyle Dailey, Dean of Students
  • Jessica Croll, Assistant Director of Residential Education and Leadership
  • Jacquelyn Economopoulos, College Therapist
  • Rebecca Getz-Keller, Director of Academic Advising
  • Roger Hawkey, Lieutenant, Campus Police
  • Pamela Prisaznik, Director of Health & Counseling Services
  • Dr. Nancy Roberts, Director of Health & Counseling Services
  • Dr. Allen Snook, Director of Athletics, Recreation and Wellness
  • Kelly Steinmetz, Director of Community Standards and Residence Life
  • Dr. Calley Stevens Taylor, Dean of Student Success
  • Mark Vitalos, Chief of Campus Police
  • Amber Wilson, College Therapist

Finish Line

Submit Finish Line alerts when you want to a) send notice to a student regarding academic performance, or b) send notice to the College regarding a student's academic support needs, or c) send notice to the College regarding a student's intent to leave the College when no intervention is required. Students will receive copies of all Finish Line alerts.

Click here to access Finish Line, or choose the Finish Line tab above. 

Reference Materials

Reporting Student Concerns 

These slides provide information about the Academic Misconduct, Finish Line and Care Team reporting systems.

For assistance or consultation, please contact:

Ashley Gray

Director of Residence Life and Community Standards 

610-606-4666 ext. 3351


Dr. Calley Stevens Taylor

Vice President for Student Services and Success

610-606-4666 ext. 3582