Student Success Center

The Student Success Center in Cressman Library provides students with a wide variety of support programs designed to help students achieve their academic goals.  The Office of Academic Advising, the FALCONERS (Act 101) Program, the Dean of Student Success, and the Office of Learning and Disability Resources are located in the SSC.

International Student Services, which offers English language and cultural support, academic advising, and immigration advising, is located in the Center for Diversity and Global Engagement in the Allen House. 

Study Room Reservations

Please observe the following rules when you reserve and use a study room:

  • Reservations are for a single person.
  • You must be a commuter student.
  • You must be using it to access a synchronous online class.
  • A valid Cedar Crest student ID and completed online form is required to reserve a room. (go to: Room Reservation Form) On click on the Current Students tab, then the Academic Services folder, then Student Success Center. This is the same link you can use make an appointment with the Writing Center.
  • One person may make a single reservation for one of the rooms for up to 2.5 hours. You must be able to show your room confirmation if asked.
  • Please read our Study Rooms Policy listed below. This applies to all study room users.

For the full policy and guidelines, click here: Study Room Policy and Guidelines. Please note that the normal guidelines were modified to ensure safety and security the pandemic, effective 8/26/20. These guidelines reflect those changes.

Online classes are different than in-person classes.

You might need to use different strategies for them, but that’s ok. We've provided some quick reference handouts here that can help!

Set a schedule

Staying organized and prioritizing your work 

Multitasking (or, how to avoid it!)

Make the most of video lectures

Set up study groups in Microsoft Teams

Online group and team work

Quick reference guide (image)

5 Steps to Conquering Time Management:

Here's a video to help you learn about these quick tips you can use to improve your time management skills. (Office 365 login required, English captioning and transcript available)

Identify time wasters and set goals. Time wasters are things like social media scrolling and binge watching TV shows. After you identify what you spend your time doing, set a goal to NOT engage in that activity for a select timeframe.

Plan Ahead. Create a daily/weekly to-do list with assignments and readings you need to complete that day/week. This will help hold you accountable to upcoming assignments and prevent you from missing due dates. Ex: This should be done separate from your weekly planners.

Small Tasks First. Placing small tasks at the top of your to-do list will help you feel more accomplished and give you the motivation needed to tackle those large time consuming projects. Ex: Writing an email to a professor is the perfect thing to put at the top of your list because it’s easy to accomplish!

Establish Routines. This is extremely important for our online students. Create a schedule and stick to it! Make sure you schedule a block of time for each class, where you can focus on just the assignments and reading for that class. EX: Molly will focus on Math class every M,W,F from 1-2:30pm.

Self-Care. Make sure you are taking enough breaks throughout your day to allow time for some self-care. Self-care is different for everyone so some may want to use their break times for catching up on social media while others may use that time for a run, whichever you prefer make sure you set aside time for yourself!