Information and Policies - The goal of subject specific tutoring and Instructional Assistant (IA) sessions is to help Cedar Crest students achieve academic success by becoming effective, independent learners. 

Peer Tutors (subject specific) work with students on an appointment or walk-in basis (if free). In person tutoring takes place in the Student Success Center (specifically the back right of Cressman Library). Schedules are published on this page and are subject to change. Please review the Peer Tutoring Policies before making an appointment and attending peer tutoring sessions. Peer Tutoring Policies.docx

Instructional Assistants are students who have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement and have strong time management, organizational, study, interpersonal, and communication skills. IAs, typically hold weekly group tutoring sessions to review course content and they may also provide lab instruction or recitations. Please review the Instructional Assistant policies before attending IA sessions. Instructional Assistant Policies.pdf

Summer 2024

Our peer tutors are not available during the summer months. Please take advantage of our other tutoring options, such as: Tim Sullivan for nursing students, ThinkingStorm for online tutoring in a variety of subjects, and online graduate writing tutors. All of this information is available on this page!

Undergraduate Nursing - Tim Sullivan provides professional tutoring for students (in the undergraduate Nursing program) who need assistance with course content; TEAS, ATI and NCLEX preparation; test preparation; organization; and study skills. Tutoring serves as a supplementary resource to class instruction. Please note that TEAS test preparation is available on Mondays and Fridays only. 



Tutoring is currently being provided in-person or online, by appointment. Appointments can be scheduled as usual through Tim's Bookings link, here: Tim Sullivan. About 10-15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment, you will receive a link (Microsoft Teams) that will allow you to join your online appointment with Tim (join the meeting).


A few minutes before your appointment time, please make sure you have your course materials ready and then click on the link to join your session. During your tutoring session, you will be able to share your screen with Tim (as necessary) and he can share his screen with you. Please be patient as this make take a little trial and error the first time you have an online tutoring session.


Equipment needed: You should be able to join your session using a smart phone, tablet, or a computer (preferred) that have internal or external working microphones. If you would like to show Tim any of the course materials, you will also need to have a working camera on your device. Please note that you should make sure your microphone and camera are both active and working prior to your appointment.


Please contact Tim via email if you have any questions or problems ( or if you are a student who needs to schedule an appointment outside Tim’s usual hours.

Please note that Tim's office is in HBB Room 58, the former "Reading Room" inside the back (facing campus) entrance to the building. 


Please review the tutoring policies prior to attending your tutoring appointment. Professional Nursing Tutoring Official Policies.docx

Paul will return in the fall to provide chemistry support to our undergraduate students. 

Make an appointment with Paul!


Paul Valent Short Bio

Undergraduate Chemistry

Paul Valent is the Professional Chemistry Tutor at Cedar Crest College. He can provide tutoring for CHE 103, 111/112, 203, 205/206 lecture and lab as well as providing assistance with study skills and test preparation strategies. Tutoring serves as a supplementary resource to class instruction.


Tutoring is currently being provided in person, by appointment. Please contact Paul via email if you have any questions or problems ( 

Please note that Paul's office is in Cressman Library, in the Student Success Center. His office is number 311 to the rear of the right side on the main floor (behind the peer tutoring area).  

Access ThinkingStorm through Canvas! ThinkingStorm provides live online tutoring to help students build skills, understand new material, and develop confidence as they pursue educational success. Students are offered 4 hours of tutoring each semester. If more hours are needed, contact  For more information about using this service, click here: ThinkingStorm FAQ


The Writing Center

Writing assistance, through the Writing Center is available to all Cedar Crest students. This service is available in the Fall and Spring sememsters. Our undergraduate peer Writing Consultants can assist students with papers and written assignments for any course or subject. Writing Consultants are committed to fostering academic success by helping students develop and improve their writing skills and helping students learn how to navigate formatting manuals (APA, MLA, and Chicago). Writing Consultants do not edit student writing assignments. Please review the Writing Center Policies.pdf so that you understand the scope of assistance that may be provided by our Consultants. Writing Center appointments can be made online via ThinkingStorm.

Graduate Writing Assistance 

Graduate student(s) in our MFA program, also provide writing assistance and specialize in graduate level writing.

Appointments are currently available for the summer semester for students in graduate nuutrition programs only. Click here for: 

All other graduate students seeking writing assistance can use ThinkingStorm.

Resources for Writers

The following documents and websites may be helpful resources for students completing various types of writing assignments:

Getting Started and Organizing

Grammar & Common Writing Errors/Non-Errors

APA Style - from the American Psychological Association

MLA Style

Chicago Style

Thesis and Dissertation Writing

Career and Business Writing