Academic advising at Cedar Crest College is a dynamic, collaborative process with the mission of assisting students in succeeding academically, developing meaningful goals, articulating career plans, and fostering students’ individual responsibility for their education. Advisors provide reliable information and make appropriate referrals to assist students in making sound academic decisions.

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Withdrawal after the deadline
After the withdrawal deadline, students who experience extenuating non-academic circumstances beyond their control may petition for a late withdrawal by submitting a Late Withdrawal Appeal form to the Dean of Student Success. Submission of the appeal form does not guarantee approval. If the appeal is granted, a "W" will appear on the student's transcript for the requested class(es) and will not affect the student's cumulative grade point average. Late withdrawal from one or more classes may affect a student's satisfactory academic progress requirement for receipt of financial aid; the student should visit the Student Financial Services office for information. It is also the student's responsibility to communicate with their academic advisor to determine any potential effects the withdrawal may have on their academic progress.


Spanish Placement Instructions

Online Spanish Placement Instructions

An online Spanish placement evaluation is available for all students interested in taking Spanish classes at Cedar Crest College for the first time.


Here is the link to the test: 


As a student you will be prompted to create an account with a password.


After completing the evaluation, you will have the option to make a copy of their results to print or send them via email to your advisor. The language program director will also have access to the scores to verify placement or for future reference. Please note that a placement score at the extremes of an indicated range should consult the language program director before shifting to a higher- or lower-level course.


Posted 12/3/19