Student Success Center

The Student Success Center in Cressman Library provides students with a wide variety of support programs designed to help students achieve their academic goals. Some of the many services include:

  • Academic Advising,
  • Act 101 Program - for qualifying PA residents,
  • Office of the VP of Student Success and Engagement/Dean of Students,
  • Learning and Disability Resources,
  • Professional Tutoring Services (nursing tutoring in the Hamilton Blvd. Bldg.)
  • Peer Tutoring Services,
  • Persistence Resources, and
  • Emergency Assistance.

International Student Services is located in the Center for Diversity and Global Engagement in the Allen House. 

Housing and Residence Life is located in the Lower Level of Butz Hall.

Student Engagement is located on the third floor of Tompkins College Center.

Career and Community Engagement is located on the second floor of the Tompkins College Center.